WKAA Mailing List Sign Up Instructions

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Mailing List Sign Up

  • We maintain a mailing list, formerly known as the "Big List", to update members and interested parties about coming events that are too late for inclusion in the newsletter
  • If you would like to be included in this list you now need to email John Holland at yojohnng at gmail com (you must correct the punctuation to be a valid email address) to have him add you to the list
  • The list is actually a forum on Google Groups set private and with email delivery for the messages
  • Once you have sent John your request AND your email address is manually added (does not happen instantly), you need to go to Google groups at WKAA Big List SignUp

Alternative Method of Sign Up and Accessing Messages

  • You must first be manually added to the list by emailing the yojohnng at gmail com address
  • If the above link (WKAA Big List SignUp) does take you to the sign up page, go to groups.google.com
  • Click "Sign In" in the upper right corner
  • Once you have created your account with Google Groups, you can access the group messages through the email address John manually added for you.
  • All new messages will show up there

Archived Messages

  • You may view archived messages at This Link

Google+ Page

  • We will maintain a Google+ page
  • If you have a gmail account, you can create a Google+ account
  • Add the WKAA site to your favorites, and every post YOU post on your Google+ page shows up on the WKAA page.
  • You can friend other Google+ members and share in their posts
  • You can start a Google+ hangout and chat via webcam on those night when observing is lousy or you're really, really bored